4.5 Diesel Forklift

4.5 Diesel Forklift

  • With the lifting capacity of 4500 kg, getting its power from 4-Cylinder TÜMOSAN Motor and with 3 different Mast Height Options, it is your new partner.
  • With extraordinary fuel-saving system used in 4.5 DF Model and high performance, 4-Cylinder TÜMOSAN Engine is a domestic product.
  • Less Fuel Consumption compared to the competitors.
  • With the lifting capacity of 4500 kg, 4500 kg
  • Ergonomic Steering Wheel with the feature of moving forward-backward and downward-upward.
  • Comfortable and safe working opportunity offered to the operators by the wide view.
  • Commanding the turn and lift functions independently using the hydraulic system with 2 pumps.
  • Mast Height options of 4000 mm., 3920 mm and 4500 mm.
  • Fully covered front axle against external factors.
  • Disk-shaped brakes preserved in the oil bath.
  • The durable rear axle that provides superior maneuverability, resistant to overload and hard maneuvers.
  • Radiator cooling the Hydraulic Oil with a special oil cooler thus avoiding overheating under high temperatures and under heavy load.
  • Automatic Transmission offering a comfortable ride with 1 Level Forward and Reverse shift.
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