S190LCL Balers

With an experience of more than 40 years in the agricultural machinery sector, TÜMOSAN offers Baler, which is designed as an environmentally friendly machine with robust, strong, and reliable structures and easy usage by considering the needs of agriculture in Turkey with TÜMOSAN’s quality, distinction, guarantee, and assurance. It bundles the straw by binding it in desired weight and size using the 3-string Rasspe binding group. The size of the chopper and collector is 170 cm. And also, alfalfa and grass bales can be made by removing the chopper. TÜMOSAN S190LCL C Baler, which gets its power from the PTO shaft and is connected to the tractor by the drawbar, is an ideal machine designed to minimize the power requirement from the tractor with aim of picking up the remaining stalks in the field, to press them as straws or stalks and to bale them after the harvest of plants such as wheat, barley, oats, rye, vetch, sainfoins, clover, corn. The quality of the material used in the machine has been tested in the field conditions and has been chosen in accordance with the land structure of Turkey. It operates quiet, smooth, and fast and also it can be easily adjusted by moving it up and down using the hydraulic system located in the collector section. Thus, the operator on the tractor can pick up the maximum stalk by moving the collector in accordance with the field surface comfortably. With its unique design, the chopper unit works very efficiently.

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