School Bus

  • The midibus export leader of Turkey for 15 years
  • The school bus export leader from Turkey to Europe
  • Exported approximately 1000 school bus to Bulgaria, Italy, France, Lithuania, and so on.
  • Additional Security options
  • Interior and exterior cameras, IP camera system
  • 3 point seat belts, adjustable for students
  • Passenger Seat Pressure (Occupancy) Sensors
  • 100% success in Roll-over tests
  • Vehicle Tracking System

*IP camera system, NVR and Seat sensor system is not homologated for Europe yet, has to be checked in each country.

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Passenger Seat Pressure (Occupancy) Sensors

  • The dashboard seat-layout monitor informs which seats are occupied to the driver, when the seat sensors detect a weight above 9 kg on passenger seats,
  • When the driver turns the engine off and if the sensors continue to detect occupancy on any of the seats inside the vehicle, the system keeps on warning the driver about the occupancy until the battery is running out: First with a buzzer (Sound warning signal), then by switching on the hazard lights and finally, if the driver has left the vehicle, by using the vehicle warning horn.
  • The purpose of this system is not to left any pupils inside the bus while the vehicle is in the parking lot.

3-Points, Adjustable Seat Belts

  • Adjustable, 3-point safety belts are standard on School Pack
  • The seat belts can be arranged (Adjustable) according to student’s height. Soft, safety pads on seat belts are standard as well.

Vehicle Tracking System

  • Allows to easily track location of the vehicles in a real time and monitor the vehicle via an online computer, smart phone or a tablet
  • The device records location of the vehicle and the route it made for 30-days.

Transparent Passenger Windows

  • The passenger windows are fully transparent (No tinted windows) Transparent windows increase the visibility of students inside the bus

Anti-squeezing Protection System

  • While closing, the door reopens if it detects an obstruction on the door lips. Thus it protects students from any injuries which may result from bad timing on closing doors.


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