About Zeynela Motor Vehicles

About Zeynela Motor Vehicles

About Zeynela Motor Vehicles

Established in 2019 which is an important transit point in the transportation network of Europe and having expanded its product range and field of service and activity upon establishment of Ukrainian and Turkish companies in 2020, Zeynela is an automotive company that distributes vehicles, equipments and spare parts for the industries of international logistics, transportation, construction, agriculture and defense and aims to provide an efficient and profitable service in the field of automotive value chain with its high brand quality and customer-oriented service approach.

As a shared participation of Soycan Group of Companies and Koluman Holding (shareholder and the largest distributor of Mercedes Benz Turkey), Zeynela Motor Vehicles offers high-quality and long-lasting commercial vehicles at global standards in Ukrainian and Turkish companies with competitive opportunities thanks to after-sale services and develops its sales network in the markets of field by incorporating leading international brands of the sector with a visionary approach.

Focusing on after-sale services as well as sales and reaching a large target mass that includes different segments with dealership agreements, Zeynela has a strategy in the market aiming to expand its product range by incorporating leading international markets of the sector and establish a high-quality authorized dealership and service network in regional terms.

Representing its incorporated brands successfully in every country with its competent team organizations in the field of automotive, Zeynela also raises international reputation of brands, increases their brand values and contributes to incomes obtained from export.

In addition to contributions to its shareholders, Zeynela provides added value to its customers with financing options it offers. Zeynela Finance offers flexible financial solutions with various packages suitable for a wide customer mass through many bank and leasing companies.

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