5285L Tractor

  • With its equipped, 3-cylinder Turbo Intercooler, 48 Horsepower TÜMOSAN Engine which has been designed by TÜMOSAN Engineers, it ensures high traction performance and low fuel consumption.
  • With its modern body designed by Turkish designers, 4250 model is a powerful, high-tech and comfortable.
  • Opportunity to offer the power and economy together in all kinds of land conditions.
  • With its high traction performance and low fuel consumption, it is economical and fast.
  • TÜMOSAN Engine with 3 cylinders and 48 HP
  • Available to operate all day long with its 65-liter fuel tank.
  • With its ergonomic hydraulic control levers, it saves time.
  • With its hydraulic system with the lifting capacity of 1200 kg, it is convenient for using the equipment.
  • Quick and practical turns, thanks to its Lift O-Matic system.
  • Practical equipment usage thanks to its 2 hydraulic power outputs.
  • Conformance with the option of 8 forward + 2 reverse gears.
  • With its PTO shaft with 540 rpm, proportional power distribution to the agricultural equipment is available.
  • With the option of 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, and a new ergonomic body and fender design, it facilitates vineyard-garden cultivation works.
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