TÜMOSAN 6050 Tractor

TÜMOSAN 6050 Tractor
  • With its 3-cylinder Turbo Intercooler, 50 Horsepower, comfortable and multi-purpose TÜMOSAN Engine which has been designed by TÜMOSAN Engineers, it ensures high traction performance and low fuel consumption for those who cannot leave the conventional style.
  • With its Radio/ MP3 player and optional digital air conditioning system, it cares the operator’s comfort as the priority.
  • Ease of use with ergonomic hydraulic control levers positioned next to the operator.
  • Hydraulic system with a lifting capacity of 2200 kg.
  • With its dual-speed PTO shaft option, it ensures high work efficiency in jobs that do not require much power.
  • With its lift drawbar system, ease of choosing the appropriate height for any type of connection.
  • Uninterrupted operation capacity with its 65-liter fuel tank.
  • 2WD or 4WD options with cabin or canopy.

8 forward – 8 reverse gear options, Electro-hydraulic front differential (4WD) and rear differential

Technical Features

Emission LevelStage IIIA (Tier 3)
Number of Cylinders / Aspiration3 / Turbo Intercooler
Maximum Torque Speed ​​(rpm)1500
Air Filter TypeDry
Nominal Engine Power (HP)50
Cylinder Volume (Liters)2,9
Maximum Torque (Nm)200
Fuel Tank Capacity (Liters)65
TypeMechanical – Synchromesh
Forward – Reverse Shuttle LeverMechanical
Rear Differential LockElectro-Hydraulic
Gear Box8 Forward – 8 Reverse
4WD EngagementMechanical
Front Differential Lock (4WD)Electro-Hydraulic
Control TypeMechanical
Engine Speed ​​@ 540 rpm PTO Speed2035
Ground PTOStandard
PTO Speed540 – 540E
Engine Speed ​​@ 540E rpm PTO Speed1586
Lift O-MaticStandard
Lifting Capacity (kg)2200
Hydraulic Auxiliary2
Air ConditioningOptional
Radio / MP3 PlayerStandard
Front Counter Weights (unitxkg)4×40
Rear Counter Weights Cabin (unitxkg)2×50
Rear Counter Weights Canopy (unitxkg)4×50
No Load Mass (kg) (with 4WD Cab)2450
1. Option 2WD-Front6.50-16
1. Option 2WD-Rear14.9/13-28
1. Option 4WD-Front9.50-20
2. Option 4WD-Front260/70R16
3. Option 4WD-Front320/70R20
1. Option 4WD-Rear14.9/13-28
2. Option 4WD-Rear380/85R28
3. Option 4WD-Rear380/85R30
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