Flail Mower with Vertical Blades

Connected to the tractor with three point hitch system and getting the power from the power-take-off shaft, TÜMOSAN Flail Mower with vertical blades works vertically on the surface of the soil and it cuts the stalks of the plants such as wheat, sunflower, cotton, maize, rice, tobacco and thicket and the branches of the pruned fruit trees and vine shots .


Flail Mucher with Horizontal Blades

TÜMOSAN Flail Mucher with Horizontal Blades is an ideal machine used in reaping and cutting the stalks of the green, dry plants and any kind of weeds and the ones sown in rows such as cotton and in leaving them on the surface of the soil (mulching). In this way, an environmentally friendly solution is provided by obtaining organic materials from the cut plant residues and thus enriching the humus content of the soil and also improving the soil structure to provide the most suitable place for the plants to grow.

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