FL 1000 Front Loaders

TÜMOSAN FL1000 Front Loaders have been designed in accordance with the 6000 and 6100 series. With a carrying capacity of 1000 kilograms, the eyeful equipment can lift the desired product up to 3.5 meters in 12 seconds at the maximum. When the front loader is not needed, it can be detached easily in a short time, thus it saves time. With the joystick control at the FL1000-model front loaders, the operator can control loading-unloading, opening-closing, and bucket movements in an ergonomic way. And also, easily changing attachments and rear balancer bucket attachment options are provided as standard. Attachments such as opening excavator bucket, grain bucket, fixed type digging bucket, forklift tines, bale tines, roll bale, and snow blade are optionally available.

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