5255S Tractor

  • With its equipped, 3-cylinder Turbo Intercooler, 55 Horsepower TÜMOSAN Engine which has been designed by TÜMOSAN Engineers, it ensures high traction performance and low fuel consumption.
  • With its control levers supported by ergonomic dashboard and hydraulic control system, the comfort of the operator is kept as the priority.
  • With its 2 hydraulic PTO shafts, it facilitates using the hydraulically connected agricultural equipment.
  • A powerful hydraulic system with 2200 kg lifting capacity.
  • With its dual-speed PTO shaft option, it ensures high work efficiency in jobs that do not require much power.
  • With the option of 2WD and 4WD.
  • A short garden tractor with 8 + 8 gears offers quick and easy operation.
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