Citiport 12

Citiport 12


Ideal solution for public transportation. The bus offers a comfortable and safe journey to the passengers with its spacious internal layout.

Taking into account the actual needs of the major metropolises and municipalities, Anadolu Isuzu’s new 12 meter public transportation bus has been designed in a way to meet the concept of the “ideal solution for public transportation”. Citiport has an attractive exterior view thanks to its outstanding and unique design.

Technical Features

Maximum Length 12030
Maximum Width 2550
Maximum Height 3136 (Including A/C unit)
Wheelbase 5850
Front Overhang 2700
Rear Overhang 3480
Front Track Width 2152
Rear Track Width 1872
Gross Vehicle Weight 17900
Model CUMMINS ISB6.7E5300 (Euro 5)
Type Dizel Commonrail Turbo Compressor
Number of Cylinders 6
Displacement (cm3) 6700
Maksimum güç (HP / rpm) 289 / 2300
Maksimum Tork (Nm / rpm) 1087 /1285
Model ZF 6 AP 1200B (Automatic)
Number of Gears, Type 6 Forward, 1 Reverse, Overdrive, 3 Levels With Manual and Foot Controlled Retarder Function
Front Independent Air Suspension – 2 Air Bellows (ECAS)
Rear Air Suspension – 4 Air Bellows (ECAS)
Front / Rear Disc / Disc
System Full Air Brake System With EBS, (Automatic Oil, Water Seperator System – Opt), (Oil, water separator system provides extend-life your brake systems)
Parking Brake Air Actuated, Acted On Rear Axle
Auxiliary Brake Intarder
Passenger Capacity (Max.) 107 passangers
Standard 27 (24 Fixed + 3 Folding) Passenger Seats + 1 (Maximum 79 Standing Passengers When Folding Seats Are Closed)
Optional 31 (28 Fixed + 3 Folding) Passenger Seats + 1 (Maximum 72 Standing Passengers When Folding Seats Are Closed)
Fuel Tank Capacity (lt) 300
System Voltage 24 V
Battery 2 x 240 Ah
Steering System Hydraulic
Tyres 275/70 R22,5


Digital Tachograph S
Multiplex System S
Pre-heater Opt
Heater (Front/Middle/Rear) S
Digital Air Conditioner S
A/C with Heater Opt
Roof Emergency Hatch & Ventilation Hatch S
Parking Sensor S
Reverse Gear Warning Beeper S
Interior Camera S (DVR recording device)
Exterior Camera S (At the Rear and On Side Rear View Mirrors)
Retarder S
Engine Room Fire Detector and Warning System S
Auto Fire Extinguisher for Engine Room Opt
Automatic Engine Oil Refilling System Opt
Diesel Exhaust Emission Fluid Heater S
Speed Limitor S
Electrically Controlled Side View Mirrors S
Heated Side View Mirrors S
Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) S
Front and Rear Fog Lamps S
Towing Device S
Metallic Paint Opt
Number of Service Doors 3 Doors
Type of Service Doors Double Wings, Pneumatic, Inward Swing
Disabled Passenger Access Ramp for Middle Door & Kneeling System
Remote Control for Front Door S
Windscreen Single Piece Laminated
Driver’s Window With Resistance Heater, Electrical Contol
Blind Electrical Control For Windscreen Roller Blind
Passenger Windows Single Piece, Non-sliding
Single Glazing S
Hinged window 1/4 Hinged Passenger Windows
Steering Adjustable Steering Wheel Integrated With The Display Cluster
Driver’s Seat Air actuated, Adjustable, With Headrest
Driver’s Cabin S (Semi Closed)
Driver Overhead Cabinet S (Locker)
Ticket Box Pre-arrangement Opt
Seat Material Cloth Ped On Plastic
Interior Lining (Ceiling) Formica
Stop Sign (Interior) S
Info Panel for Passengers Front (S), Rear (Opt)
Digital Destination Indicators Rounding LED-type Headsign (Front and Side) (S), Rear Indicator Panel (S), Colored Headsign (Not Rounding) (Opt)
High-Drive Mode S
Announcement System Preperation S (Interior / Exterior)
LCD Screen “S (1 Unit, Front)
Digital Clock S
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